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Our Photo Gallery

New Year Party 2009/2010 Wetzikon

Noche Ninos Mask Ball with Grace Leupi

The Raclette Evening with lots of friends 

Ayumi Sato-Cea born on Jan 6th 2008, Weight 3140gr, heights 51cm, time 5:02am Japanese time  

Silvester Party with Markus 2007/08

Dieter's 55th Birthday Party

The huge Holiday pages from Boracay is now available! nearly 500 pictures!

Auto Car Show in Zurich with BMW-Sauber

Sarah Geronimo Concert on June 23 2007

Chantelle-Marie Rowland-Cea born on October 24, 2007

Couple of days on a Camping ground in Disentis

Late Summer weekend in south of Switzerland Navone (Ticino)

Asian food at Ralph's place in Lausen near Basel

Summer Holidays in Frejus France near St. Tropez

Formula 1 BMW-Sauber Fan event Munich 2007

Race Bike Holidays and the Monaco GP 2007 with Peter

Jörg & Xiufang Summer Party 2007

Sigrid & Ueli's big Birthday Party

Sherrill-Anne's 11th Birthday Party

Chinese New Year 2006/2007 at Otti's place

Christmas celebration  2006

Visiting the Zürich Zoo in 2006

Mercedez first Birthday Party & Happy Feet movie event

Fondue Party on January 2 at Marcel's Place in Schönenberg

New Year Party at Markus' place

Mercedez Christening day March 26th 2006

Mercedez-Nikita our little sweety

Camping in Disentis Summer 2006 hot & cold weather!

Mike's second Birthday at the Park im Grünen

Holidays 2006 where else other than the Philippines

New Year party 2005/06

Grand Prix of Japan at the Sauber Factory October 05

Holidays 2005 in the Philippines with Markus, Priska & Jrené

Housewarming Party Etzel-Weg 2. July 2005

New Year Party 2004/05

First snow for Sherill-Anne and Christmas Pictures

Me on my bike some time ago. Visit the Archive

Here you find lots of our pictures which we took during various trips and everyday Snapshots or movie clips

Another visit to famous Säntis in September

Jrene & Markus

Jörg's Garden Party 2004

Sauber Club Event 2004

The Wedding Pics & the party @ the Boos-Lounge

Another trip to the Philippines in 2004 Part 1 & Part 2

May 2003 - Happiness in Boracay again

Cristy on Visit in Switzerland May to August 2003

Garden Party with Jörg in Weinfelden

Some snapshots

Philippines October 2003

Cristy on Visit in Switzerland October 2003 toJanuary 2004

Freddie Aguilar Concert October 18th 2003

My Birhtday Party November 15th

Christmas in Tschamut (near the Oberalp)

New Year Party with Markus & Friends


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