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bulletFormula One - I love Formula One races and everything around it
bullet BMW-Sauber-F1 my favourite Formula 1 Team
bullet Formula One Live news and live cover of F1 in English language


bulletOther interesting Links
bulletRoland Heyder he is a famous artist in Europe, go and check out his page and get fascinated
bulletKuya Salis 16th Infantry Battalion at Infanta
bulletNice page with thousands of pictures from around the world taken by different photographers
bulletLinks related to the Philippines and other helpful pages
bullet Swiss Embassy anything you need, they are very helpful
bullet English Tagalog don't get lost in the language
bullet Paradise Bay Boracay our favourite Holiday place in the Philippines
bullet Family Harder, a nice page with lots of information & links about the Philippines
bullet Another very nice page about many friends of the Philippines
bullet Travel Guide to Boracay
bullet Bicol Region Camarines Sur this is Cristy's home region
bullet Our favourite Bar in Zurich with Willy Boos a good friend of us
bulletAnother friend of the Philippines go and take a tour ........ with the Bachmann's


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